Monday, September 24, 2018

Watch The Trailer For Kimo Stamboel's Indonesian Horror Adaptation 'DreadOut'

Timo Tjahjanto, one-half of directorial duo the Mo Brothers (Headshot), has been on the warpath lately. His action banger The Night Comes for Us and his horror yarn May the Devil Take You both recently debuted at Fantastic Fest. But not to be outdone, the other part of that equation, Kimo Stamboel (who also produced Night), has his own horror film coming. Check out the first trailer for DreadOut.

Based on a popular Indonesian video game, DreadOut looks to be a synthesis of various horror genres. Just in this trailer, it appears we get zombies, ghosts, maybe demonic possession, possible slashers, and a slew of other genre goodies. With a cast fronted by Caitlin Halderman and Jefri Nichol, DreadOut has a definite bloody teen horror throwback vibe going on, and I’m way down. 

There’s not much in the way of plot details, but according to the Wikipedia page, here’s the game’s plot:
When a group of senior high-school students go astray from their vacation trip in Indonesia, they discover an old deserted town. They soon realize that something sinister is about to happen. Linda Meilinda, realizes something mystical is happening to her. She gains a spiritual power that could save her and her friends from the unknown.
It all sounds cool to me. Game play involves various Indonesian myths and folk lore, and if Linda dies, she wakes up in Limbo the player has to escape, which is an interesting twist. All in all, there’s a ton of potential for a movie, and Kimo Stamboel certainly knows his way around horror. 

There’s no word on the release plans for DreadOut, but it has major Korean powerhouse CJ Entertainment behind it, so odds are, when it does drop, it will cast a decently wide net. Hopefully that means we’ll get to see it soon or at least soon-ish.

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