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The BoneBat Comedy Of Horrors Film Festival Is Almost A Damn Teenager!

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This is the place where I was going to make a crack about how it’s spring and of course what we really want to do is spend a beautiful weekend day sitting in the dark watching horror movies with a bunch of like-minded weirdos. But the weather in Seattle has been utter trash, so you don’t have anything better to do than attend the BoneBat Comedy of Horrors Film Festival.


Let’s get the logistics out of the way up front. This is the 12th BoneBat Comedy of Horrors Film Festival and it promises to be the biggest one yet. Part of this, at least, is due in part to a switch of venues. For 2023, the fest that mixes gore and guffaws goes down at SIFF Egyptian in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. It happens on Saturday, April 22 and runs from 1:00 pm to midnight.


You can find more information, including ticket info, HERE.

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Now to the fun part. Which is really the whole damn thing. For more than a decade, BoneBat has been one of the most entertaining film events on the Seattle calendar. It’s bloody, it’s hilarious, it’s scary, there’s beer. (They always have a beer sponsor and screaming deals.) What more do you want? How about an expansive raffle where I’ve never, ever won a damn thing? (Seriously, it’s a running joke at this point.)


The program mixes short films and features, or feature, singular, this year. They all fall roughly into the horror-comedy realm, though there’s a definite spectrum—some skew funny, others lean straight scares. 

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In addition, there’s always music. This year that honor goes to The Delstroyers. While I’m not familiar, they’re reportedly a spooky surf band, which is just dandy in my book. (I gave their BandCamp a listen and they’re pretty damn good.)

All in all, it’s a damn fine time and I definitely recommend that if you’re in Seattle on April 22, the BoneBat Comedy of Horrors Film Festival is well worth your time.

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This year, the feature is the Seattle premiere of Cocaine Snorting Crabs from Outer Space. Check out the synopsis:

When a couple of intergalactic space crabs come to Earth, they are confronted by two frat boys who force-feed them cocaine, sending the crabs on a murderous rampage. It's up to Detective Charlie Reese and crab expert Alex Bailey to stop the crabs in their tracks.

 As far as the shorts go, there are 41 entries, broken up into easily digestible blocks throughout the da. The list includes:

“Unlucky Charms", from the USA and Somethings Awry Productions, directed by Kris Theorin

“Dead Language", from the USA and Bonelady Studios, directed by Erica Stockwell-Alpert

“Tradition", USA, directed by Sabrina Ariss

“The Fingernail Taker", from the USA, directed by Tommy Heffernan & Alex Furnas

“CONTENT: The Lo-Fi Man", from the USA, directed by Brian Lonano & Blake Myers

“They See You", from the USA, directed by Jared Januschka

“The Internet Remains Undefeated", from the UK and Pig Wash, directed by Robbie Gibbon

“Hack", from the UK, directed by Ben Mallaby

“The Murder Hornet of Bayview Cemetery", from the USA and Landon Digital Media, directed by Ian H Landon

“The Night Nurse", from the USA, directed by Tim Delaney

“The Woodsman", from the USA and OTC Industries, directed by Kyle Kuchta

“The Mages of Rage and The Desecration of The House of Mimicry", from the USA and Noonan Film, directed by Jason Sheedy

“The Temple”, from Canada and Dock Films, directed by Alain Fournier

“Sons of Lilith", from Norway and Rocket Films, directed by Henrik Schefte

“BABY FEVER", from the USA and Monstrous Femme Films, directed by Hannah May Cumming

“Jack Shit", from the USA and JJH Prod., directed by Jesse James Hennessy

“Aria", from the USA, directed by Christopher Poole

“Gnaw", from Canada and Sumitra Media, directed by Rosalee Yagihara

“Bag For Life", from the UK and Significant Other Films, directed by Max r Lincoln

“VRDLK: Family of Vurdulak", from the Canada and Ghost Train Productions, directed by Sam Chou

“Otherkin", from the USA, directed by Dawson Taylor

“Our Language Is Chaos", from the USA and Ellipses Entertainment, directed by Cory Byam

“While Mortals Sleep", from the USA and Video Horse, directed by Alex Fofonoff

“Prom Car '91", from the USA and Kirk & Dirk, directed by Brian Otting

“Gagging for It", from the UK and A Spare Flesh Productions, directed by Hugo Docking

“Lethalogica", from the USA and Memory Wedge, directed by Tony Reames

“Nude", from Canada and Ugo Media/Travelling Distribution, directed by Olivier Labonté LeMoyne

“Ta-Da!", from the USA, directed by Jeffrey Howe

“Bleep", from the UK and Fired Up Productions, directed by Ben S. Hyland

“Sucker", from the UK and Switchblade Cinema, directed by Alix Austin

“Loveseat", from the USA, directed by Jerry Pyle

“The Microscope", from the UK and Outer Dark, directed by Elliot Vick & Reuben Vick

“La Nueva (The Newcomer)", from Spain and Eye Slice, directed by Ivan Villamel

“Bug Bites", from the USA and Dead x Gone, directed by Daniel DelPurgatorio

“Gnomes", from the Netherlands and the Mad Scientists, directed by Ruwan Heggelman

“RINGWORMS", from the USA, directed by Will Lee

“The Bug", from the USA and Head Bangin' Films, directed by Jonathan Burnett

“The Fall", from Canada, directed by Desirae Witte

“Super Host", from the USA and Cool Adults, directed by Dan M. Frantz & Andy Koeger

“We Forgot About The Zombies", from the USA and Garth Manor, directed by Chris McInroy

“The End of the Squirrel", from the USA and Incline Productions, directed by Michael Christensen

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