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The Bone Bat Comedy Of Horrors Film Festival Returns For 2022, Weird And Wild As Ever

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Well, it’s that time of year again in Seattle. Spring is in full swing, the weather’s getting better, so what other decision is there than to spend a (potentially) gorgeous day inside in a dark-ass movie theater watching horror movies? If that sounds like a damn fine time, the Bone Bat Comedy of Horrors film festival is back for their first in-person gathering since, you know, the world came to a screeching halt…for some reason that escapes me at the moment. (Just kidding, it was a global plague.)


On Saturday, May 7th, 2022, Bone Bat returns to SIFF Uptown, it’s home for the past few installments. This is consistently one of the most unique, entertaining film events on the Seattle film scene. For the eleventh time, Steve and Gord are back to host this collection of gore, laughs, more gore, a few guffaws, gore, a couple chuckles, and, you guessed it, gore. And a few musical interludes, featuring regular guests, the Pinebox Boys. And an expansive raffle, where I still have never won a damn thing. And there’s beer. 

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Like I said, there are much worse ways to spend a day. And let’s be honest here, you know you don’t have anything better to do. 

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This year, the fest plays host to the Seattle premiere of Comedy of Horrors, Vol 1:

 “A horror comedy anthology. Imagine if you’re just a kid and your substitute teacher shows up to read from her favorite book about clowns-puppets-princesses and superheroes. Except they are not as kid friendly as you would expect. As a matter of fact they are horrifying.”

As well as the Seattle debut of the feature-length CRABS!:

“A horde of murderous crab monsters descend on a sleepy coastal town on Prom night, and only a ragtag group of outcasts can save the day.”

Beyond these two are multiple curated blocks of dozens of shorts, including:


"Z.O.I.", USA and KNR Productions, directed by Rich Ragsdale

"The Front Door", from the UK and Vivid Kingdom/Andrew Rutter Films, directed by Andrew Rutter

"Seek", USA and Electric Owl Creative, directed by Aaron Morgan

"Will You", USA, directed by Kim Douthit

"Mr. Pete & the Iron Horse", from Switzerland and YK Animation Studio, directed by Kilian Vilim

"Wich", USA, directed by Anthony Williams

“Neighbors”, from the USA and Ruthless Stories, directed by Isaac Ruth 

"Zombies Like To Watch", USA and Stafford RTB Films, directed by Rollyn Stafford

"#NOFILTER", from the USA and Ghost Gang Productions, directed by Nathan Crooker

"Posted No Hunting", USA and Oddframe, directed by Alisa Stern

"Maneater!", USA and Clark University, directed by Jack Rooney

"Scary Stories to Tell by the Campfire - The Red Spot", USA and Shadow Circus / Creature Theatre, directed by Dave Haaz-Baroque

"One Minute With A Monster: Episode 1", USA and Cary Allen Productions, directed by Dennis Cahlo

"All You Can Eat", from the UK and Flying Eyeball Pictures, directed by Kieran Reed

"The Cookie Crumbles", USA and Jouska Road Productions, directed by Daniel Hickey

"KEITH", from the UK, directed by Alex Baro-Cayetano

"My Great Funeral Movie", from the UK and Mental Images, directed by Adam Bernet

"Celebritas Ex Machina", USA, directed by Joe Nicolosi

"S13P15A", from Spain and Loniego Producciones, directed by Jesus Loniego

"Meat Friend", USA and Nihil Noctem, directed by Izzy Lee

"Landgraves", from Canada and Nord, directed by Jean-Fran├žois Leblanc

"Welcome to Our Home", USA and Echobend Pictures, directed by Gregory M. Schroeder

"One Minute With A Monster: Episode 2", from the USA and Cary Allen Productions, directed by Dennis Cahlo

"Minimally Invasive", from New Zealand and Flash As Productions/Zarquon's Fish, directed by Adam Harvey

"TEA TIME", from the USA and Dirigo Entertainment, directed by Tara Price

"SHARK", from Australia and Blue-Tongue Films, directed by Nash Edgerton

"Hell Hole", USA and Major Video Industries, directed by Gregory Shultz

"Peter the Penguin", from the UK and Vivid Kingdom/Andrew Rutter Films, directed by Andrew Rutter

"The Colouring Book out of Space", from the USA and Chupacabra Productions, directed by Patrick Murphy

"Under the lather", from France and Capricci Films, directed by Ollivier Briand

"Disembodies", USA and Noonan Film, directed by Jason Sheedy

"One Minute With A Monster: Episode 3", from the USA and Cary Allen Productions, directed by Dennis Cahlo

"The Dead Collectors", from the UK and [FearMy], directed by Brendan Cleaves

"Hunter's Cabin", from Canada and Sizzle Snap Productions, directed by N'cee van Heerden

"GUTS", from the USA and Garth Manor, directed by Chris McInroy

"The Relic", USA and JML Film Corp, directed by J.M. Logan

"Dead Meat", from Canada and Vancouver Film School, directed by Adnan Peer Mohamed

"Every Time We Meet for Ice Cream Your Whole F*cking Face Explodes", USA and Shock Treatment Productions, directed by Anthony Cousins

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