Thursday, March 22, 2018

'Deadpool 2' Trailer Has Poop Jokes And X-Force

I legitimately enjoyed Deadpool, more than I expected to. I wasn’t sure how it would translate, if they would go all in on the filth and violence, but they did. And the result is a fun, foul-mouthed superhero joint. Even so, I haven’t been able to work up one iota of enthusiasm for Deadpool 2. And I should. David Leitch directed John Wick, the best modern action movie, and Atomic Blonde, which is solid. It has Josh Brolin, who I’ve loved since Thrashin’; Zazie Beetz, who rules; Terry Crews; and the kid from Hunt for the Wilderpeople. Regardless of how I feel, the Merc with the Mouth is coming back, and there’s a new trailer, and it does little to get my juices flowing.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

'The Debt Collector' Trailer Is Here To Collect What You Owe

It probably comes as no surprise I’m excited about a Scott Adkins movie. In fact, The Debt Collector landed on my most anticipated movies list for 2018. But now we have a trailer, and it’s not only suitably badass to fit in the cinematic martial artist’s resume, it takes him to places he doesn’t usually go. Check it out below.

'Unsane' (2018) Movie Review

Since kicking off retirement, Steven Soderbergh has crafted a hillbilly heist flick (Logan Lucky), helmed every episode of a period medical drama (The Knick), created a weird interactive movie/app thing (Mosaic), and produced a ton of other projects. And just to prove he has more creative energy that the rest of us combined, he found the time to use an iPhone to shoot the low-budget, throwback horror thriller, Unsane.

'Under The Silver Lake' Trailer: 'It Follows' Director Returns With A Paranoid Weirdo Pseudo-Noir

David Robert Mitchell’s Under the Silver Lake has the rare distinction of appearing on my most anticipated movies list in multiple years. The It Follows director’s, well, follow up, has been on the way for what feels like forever. But it’s finally for sure coming out this summer. To prove that point, A24 released a new trailer for the indie neo-noir. Dude definitely has a thing for young blond women in swimming pools.

Monday, March 19, 2018

'Buffalo Boys' Trailer: Action Heavy Indonesian Western Features Folks From 'Headshot,' 'The Raid 2,' And More

This should be fun. In recent years, Indonesian action cinema has delivered the likes of Merantau, The Raid and The Raid 2, Headshot, and more. These rank among the best violent martial arts movies, not only of modern times, but ever. And a bunch of folks involved in many of these films, and others, teamed up for a project called Buffalo Boys, which promises no shortage of face-kicking, throat-punching action.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

JeeJa Yanin And Dan Chupong To Kick Everyone In The Face In Poaching Actioner 'Red Cargo'

Well, this is good news for fans of movies where people get kicked in the face. It looks like JeeJa Yanin and the criminally underappreciated Dan Chupong are teaming up for for a badass martial arts action extravaganza called Red Cargo. Feel free to get excited.

Monday, March 12, 2018

'The Ranger' Trailer: The Woods Are Wild And Full Of Predators, And Punks

Punks in the woods battling for survival against a vengeful park ranger? These are things that I like quite a bit. They also happen to be the building blocks of Jenn Wexler’s upcoming horror film, The Ranger. It debuted at SXSW over the weekend, and now there’s a great new trailer so the rest of us can get in on the fun.