Tuesday, September 16, 2014

'The Guest' Movie Review

Director Adam Wingard and writer Simon Barrett are the duo responsible for last year’s indie horror hit “You’re Next.” While it doesn’t reinvent the wheel, it’s a super fun home invasion yarn, and full of solid scares and action (it’s hard to ever go completely wrong whenever you have dudes in creepy animal masks breaking into houses and terrorizing folks). When their latest collaboration, “The Guest,” starts out, you think you’re in for a similar ride. But that’s not how it all goes down, and what they’ve crafted here is a dark, entertaining thriller that’s familiar but still inventive in all the right places.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Blu-Ray Review: 'The Battery'

Zombie movies are ridiculously overdone. The marketplace is so saturated with mediocre-to-terrible films that it’s barely worth trying to wade through the nonsense to get to the gems. That said, every once in a while you come across one that reminds you of just how good the genre can be, and Jeremy Gardner’s The Battery is, thankfully, one of those that breathes a bit of much needed life into what is largely an undead genre. And lucky you, it’s now available on Blu-ray thanks to Scream! Factory.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

'The Skeleton Twins' Movie Review

No one blows up your life quite like family. No one knows how push every button, pick at every scab, or tear open every old wound like the people who are supposed to love you the most. But even though no one can destroy you like family, no one can lift you up and piece you back together quite like they can, either. That’s the central theme in Craig Johnson’s new dramatic comedy The Skeleton Twins, which offers its two leads an opportunity to redefine the trajectory of their careers.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

'Plague World' Book Review

Zombies are hard. As great as they can be—see Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, and Wild Zero, among others, for movies, and the likes of World War Z for books—they’re also incredibly difficult to pull off with any originality or zest. For every title, book, movie, or comic, that hits, that really, truly delivers, there is a nearly endless list of those that completely miss the mark. One of these that never lands like it needs to is Dana Fredsti’s new undead novel Plague World.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Comic Review: 'Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor Issue #2'

If you’re an alien lord with two hearts in your body, the last of your kind, and you have the ability to travel through space and time, what’s the first thing you do when you make a new friend? That’s right, you take them someplace nice. And that’s exactly what the Doctor does in issue #2 of Titan Comics’ young series Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor, or at least that’s what he tries to do.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Comic Review: 'Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor Issue #2'

Doctor Who returned over the weekend with the first brand new episodes of a brand new season 8 with a brand new actor in the lead. Peter Capaldi’s 12th Time Lord is a definite, drastic change from the previous incarnations of the venerable character, but people seem to dig it. However, if you pine for an earlier time where the Doctor a little less dour and a little more lighthearted, not to mention a wee bit more relatable, then Titan Comics has just what you’re looking for with issue number 2 of their continuing Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor comic.

'The November Man' Movie Review

Whether or not they're dreaming, Relativity Media certainly things you’re all going to see their new spy thriller The November Man, because they’ve already set the wheels in motion for a sequel. And for the first little bit of the Roger Donaldson (Species) directed film you might be okay with that. It doesn’t do anything to reinvent the wheel, but, for a while anyway, this is a solid, if by the numbers, tale of espionage. It harkens back to height of the Cold War, where U.S. and Russian intelligence forces battled back and forth for information and the control of assets, where hidden, behind the scenes action had a massive impact on the world at large. Unfortunately, that only lasts for a little while.

Friday, August 22, 2014

'The Art Of John Alvin' Book Review

John Alvin may not be as well known as the likes of Saul Bass, or others among his contemporaries in the movie poster making business, but his body of work is no less impressive, and the images no less important and iconic. He passed away in 2008, but his wife Andrea Alvin has compiled an incredible book of his work, both the finished product as well as in-process pieces and alternates to the famous ones that you know and have framed on your wall.