Saturday, September 12, 2015

This 'Deathgasm' Poster Is The Most Metal Thing You've Ever Seen

I could talk all day about how fucking great the New Zealand heavy metal horror flick Deathgasm is, and in fact I have shouted my love for this film from every mountain top I can climb. (Cards on the table, I’m in bad shape, so any real mountains I climbe are not particularly tall or numerous, but metaphorically, there are many.) If you want to know my thoughts, read my review here. With a theatrical release on the horizon, there is a new poster making the rounds that perfectly encapsulates what the film is all about. Take a look below.

This poster popped up on the film’s official Facebook page (the official website is also up and running), and the film tells the story of a small town metal enthusiast who, together with his band of outsider misfits, plays a song so evil it calls forth the King of the Demons. What follows is as chaotic, manic, and blood-soaked as you could possibly hope. And there’s a surprisingly sweet emotional core to boot, but who cares about that, that shit is for pussies, right? Emotions aren’t metal.

Deathgasm hits theaters and VOD on October 2. Sprint, don’t mosey, to your local theater to see this, or, you know, your cable box or computer or however the hell else you watch movies these days. Check out the new poster and latest trailer below.

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