Friday, September 18, 2015

There's A New 'Point Break' Trailer, Just In Case You Forgot This Was Happening

Just in case you forgot there’s a Point Break remake coming, there’s a new trailer to remind you. You can watch it if you’re interested in such things.

For the most part, I’m good at separating adaptations, sequels, reboots, rehashes, and the like from what came before. New versions of movies or TV shows I love don’t in any way tarnish my fondness for the originals, and I don’t usually sweat the details of adaptations as long as they get the spirit right.

That said, this one stings a little bit. Point Break up there on my all time favorite movies list, and this just looks so empty, so completely and utterly soulless, that all I can do is look at it and sigh. To be honest, this looks like some generic, forgettable extreme sports movies that would have come out in the early 2000s, riding the same wave a the likes of xXx.

Who knows, maybe this will be good, stranger things have happened. And in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter how I feel, because this is happening. Point Break hits theaters on December 25, just in time to ruin Christmas for everyone.

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