Friday, October 23, 2015

Netflix's Full 'Jessica Jones' Trailer Is All Kinds Of Badass

Marvel and Netflix absolutely killed it earlier this year when they teamed up for Daredevil, and next month they’re back at it with Jessica Jones. After their previous outing, it’s easy to be optimistic about their next venture, even though it’s not one quite as many people are familiar with. But a new trailer just showed up, and it looks completely awesome.

Aesthetically and tonally, there’s an obvious kinship with Daredevil — it’s dark and gritty, more street level than Marvel’s big screen counterparts. But as grim as it appears — there’s a villain who can control people and makes a lot of them commit suicide — there’s also a sense of humor and fun. Jessica Jones also does something Marvel’s movie side hasn’t done up to this point, and won’t for a few more years, it puts one of their stable of fantastic female characters front and center.

Here we get a look at the title character, played by Krysten Ritter, and while I’m rather indifferent to her in most things, what we see here is great. Luke Cage, who is getting his own Netflix series down the road, plays a key role in Jessica Jones, and Mike Colter looks to be a perfect fit for the character. And then there’s former Doctor Who star David Tennant as Kilgrave, who brings a sinister energy. It’s great casting across the board.

In short, I just went from being enthusiastic and looking forward to Jessica Jones to being pumped as all hell. The whole first season drops on Netflix on November 20.

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