Monday, April 14, 2008

Wild Zero

I first encountered Wild Zero, this rock’n’roll zombie escapade, at a midnight showing for the Seattle International Film Festival. The Egyptian had to delay the start by twenty minutes to accommodate the expansive restroom lines. I went based on love shared for both the undead and Guitar Wolf, the raucous Japanese trio who are the ostensible stars of the film. I was immediately infatuated, though for years I had to sate my lust with an inferior bootleg VHS copy. Synapse Films finally grew a pair and the movie got an official DVD release. I rented it from Scarecrow, watched it three times in a day and a half, and bought a copy of my very own when I returned the rental.

All you really need to know about this movie is encapsulated within the drinking game on the DVD. Yes it has a built in drinking game. When you are supposed to drink the silhouette of a mug appears in the upper right hand corner. You drink when one or more of the following things happen: when someone drinks, when someone combs their hair, when fire shoots out of anything, when someone says rock’n’roll, when anything explodes and when a zombie’s head pops. All of these things happen. All of these things happen a lot. From personal experience, don’t play it with hard alcohol, I will not end well.
And remember, Ace, “love has no borders, nationalities or genders.” Words to live by.

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Team Damnation said...

I love the ten minute discussionin the middle of the film by Drum Wolf and Bass Wolf about how they would be so much better off if they'd watched Night of the Living Dead (or whatever zombie movie they're talking about.)