Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Watch Tony Jaa's New Music Video. Yes, Tony Jaa Made A Music Video

When you conjure up an image of Tony Jaa, odds are you think of the Thai action superstar, the star of the likes of Ong-Bak, Tom Yum Goong, and Kill Zone 2, deftly pummeling cinematic villains, and, of late, Vin Diesel and his cronies. But deep down, every musician wants to be a movie star, and every actor wants to be a musician, so Tony Jaa released his first pop single. If you don’t believe me, check out the very real music video for his song “Groundbreaking” below.

I did not expect to come across such a spectacle when I woke up this morning, but thanks to the fine folks at Screen Anarchy for pointing this out. It made my day, for real and true. And we should probably thank the internet while we’re at it. Without this marvelous world wide web, we’d probably have to wait years to see this, like we did with the Jason Statham dancing in a leopard print thong music video.

I don’t speak Thai, so I have no idea what the lyrical content of “Groundbreaking” entails, except, you know, for the English hook. In this video he fights a dust storm—I mean, if anyone can take a dust storm—does a lot of dancing and hollering in the desert, indulges in a bit of falconry, and gets down to that old TJ favorite, riding an elephant. It also appears that bleach blond fauxhawk from xXx: Return of Xander Cage wasn’t just a one-off.

Hopefully this is a momentary dalliance and Tony Jaa sticks to his day job of kicking dudes in the face on movie screens. He’s got Triple Threat in the works with every movie badass ever—Iko Uwais, Scott Adkins, Tiger Chen, Michael Bisping, and Michael Jai White. And I still have hope we’ll someday see his Dolph Lundgren-starring action/western/comedy, A Man Will Rise, but we’ll se about that.

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