Monday, May 15, 2023

SIFF 2023: 'Douglas Sirk - Hope As In Despair' Capsule Review

douglas sirk hope as in despair
Douglas Sirk was the master of American melodrama, his films commercial juggernauts while being largely panned critically. Roman Huben’s documentary, Douglas Sirk—Hope as in Despair, digs into the drama of his own life.

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We follow Sirk from his early days during the rise of Nazi Germany, popular success in America, his ultimate flight from Hollywood, and his lasting influence and legacy. Interesting for sure, his life had as much conflict as any of his films, the narration, largely in German, becomes super monotone and flat. Slight to the point of leanness, primarily for existing fans looking to uncover some of the hidden legacy of an often misunderstood auteur. [Grade: C+]

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