Thursday, May 11, 2023

SIFF 2023: 'Falcon Lake' Capsule Review

kid in a creepy mask
Falcon Lake fronts like a horror movie. Grainy 16mm presentation calls to mind early slashers, a genre-esque score layers suspense and tension, a teen girl obsesses over a legendary death, and there’s even a cabin-in-the-woods setting. 

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But within this framework, Charlotte Le Bon weaves a story of first love and young romance between spooky weirdo Charlotte, who occasionally pretends to be dead, and the shy Bastien. It’s earnest, sweet, and painfully authentic, and anchored by fantastic performances from the young leads. It may look like a horror movie and walk like a horror movie, but it’s about an experience that haunts many of us like no ghost ever could. [Grade: B+]


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