Tuesday, May 16, 2023

SIFF 2023: 'Even Hell Has Its Heroes' Capsule Review

Dylan Carlson of Earth plays guitar
In certain circles, experimental metal band Earth is revered with a sense of mythic awe. Heavily influential, especially to the early grunge era and continuing today, Clyde Petersen’s documentary, Even Hell Has its Heroes, tracks the group’s path, specifically mastermind Dylan Carlson, offering a glimpse behind the reclusive curtain.

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Atmospheric and impressionistic, like the band itself, Petersen juxtaposes disembodied voices of a revolving door of musicians, producers, and co-conspirators waxing philosophical about their experiences over grainy images of the Pacific Northwest, mapping the band’s labyrinthine evolution and reach. Of most interest to extant fans and the diehard music curious, those so inclined should find much to cling to in this slice of particular musical ephemera. [Grade: B]


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