Thursday, May 18, 2023

SIFF 2023: 'A Disturbance In The Force' Capsule Review

mark hamill in the star wars holiday special
Among fans, the Star Wars Holiday Special is a kind of myth, an artifact some have seen but that’s spoken of as a fable. In reality, it’s an ill-advised lunatic oddity aimed to cash-in on raging Star Wars mania that George Lucas tried to bury. Which just made people want it more. 

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Documentary A Disturbance in the Force digs into  the legend and how this misbegotten variety show with the original cast came to exist. It’s also a fascinating look at grassroots fandom and a genius marketing ploy that cemented Star Wars as a ubiquitous part of our collective consciousness. Not particularly deep, this is a fun look at an oddball bit of pop cultural ephemera. [Grade: B]


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