Tuesday, April 26, 2016

'Captain America: Civil War' TV Spots Delivers Even More Spider-Man

If you’re like me, you hoped that Marvel was going to keep Spider-Man out of the marketing build up for Captain America: Civil War completely. That hope imploded when the Wall-Crawler showed up at the tail end of the last trailer. This appears to have opened a wee bit of a floodgate, and we’ve got some more Spidey footage in the latest TV spots. Take a look below if you’re into such things.

Much like how X-Men: Apocalypse splashed that big reveal its last trailer (you can read about it HERE if you like), it bums me out that Spider-Man is being used more in the Captain America: Civil War marketing. Sure, he’s one of the most popular comic book characters of all time, and while many of us already knew he was going to show up, perhaps your average moviegoer wasn’t aware. I get why they included him; I just wish they hadn’t.

Like I said, it’s a well-known fact that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will appear in Civil War, his first appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where the character belongs. That’s exciting; we’re all very pumped for this, and that first shot of him webbing Cap was awesome. But I can’t help but think it would have been so much better, had so much more impact, if we saw it for the first time when we’re sitting down in a packed theater gawking at the superhero on superhero throwdown.

Sure, people were all up in arms that we hadn’t seen him, but I dug that strategy. It would be like if we saw Luke Skywalker all over the place in the trailers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It isn’t even that I don’t like what we’ve seen from Spider-Man, it actually looks fantastic and exactly what you want from the character, it just takes some of the luster off of his presence.

I even question how much good it will do from a marketing perspective. Of course, even lesser Spidey movies, like the Amazing Spider-Man films, do big business, but there’s already so much hype surrounding Captain America: Civil War, and so much crossover with MCU fans and Spider-Man fans that I’m curious how much of a boost, if any at all, Marvel will see from including the Web-Slinger in their ads.

Then again, if the goal is to get people talking about your movie, it worked. But at the same time, we were already talking about Captain America: Civil War no matter what, so who the hell knows. They didn’t ask me, which is strange, because they usually do.

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters on May 6. Not only am I excited to see the actual movie, but I’m excited because it means I can go back on social media where jackasses who got to see it weeks ago have been spoiling it nonstop ever since. (Hint: If you’ve already seen the movie and are reporting on what happens like it’s news, that makes you an asshole.)

And just for kicks, check out two more Captain America: Civil War TV spot with a smattering of new footage. You know you want to.

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