Sunday, April 10, 2016

Korean Thriller 'Insane' Trailer Is Dark And Grim

The idea of being locked up for a crime you didn’t commit, or being institutionalized when you know you’re not crazy, the victim of sinister exterior forces, is fertile cinematic territory. Insane, Korean director Lee Cheol-ha’s new thriller, looks to dive deep into this realm, and there’s a tense new trailer to check out.

Already open in South Korea, where it got off to a strong start at the box office when it was released last weekend, Insane is inspired by true events. It will also reportedly be both released in China later this year, as well as get a Chinese remake apparently.

Here’s a synopsis:
A star producer Nam-Soo is now on suspension for manipulating facts for television. While searching for an opportunity to redeem his name, an unidentified source sends him a notebook. It is the diary of Soo-Ah, the sole survivor of a mysterious fire in Medical K, a mental clinic, and the key suspect in the murder of her stepfather. Nam-Soo investigates the case, soon finds that something’s fishy. To get this exclusive, he interviews Soo-Ah, but she denies not only the murder, also the existence of her stepfather. She only witnesses the abuse committed in Medical K where she has been illegally imprisoned for years. As he digs deeper into Soo-Ah’s past, Nam-Soo is faced with a truth that is beyond his imagination.
Who knows if or when we’ll get to see Insane in U.S. shores, but if your fans of tense, grim, Korean mystery thrillers, this looks like one to add to your watch list.

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