Friday, October 7, 2016

'Boyka: Undisputed' Gets A Badass New Trailer And Clip

I maintain that if he’d been born a generation earlier, we’d speak about Scott Adkins in hushed, reverent tones reserved for the legends of the action realm. But an accident of birth doesn’t make his movies any less badass or me anticipate them any less. Next up, he returns to his best known franchise for Boyka: Undisputed, the fourth installment in the franchise, and with the release approaching, Millennium Films released a new clip and trailer.

This video starts off with a clip, or a couple of clips, before getting to the main trailer, like a preview before the preview. It’s a little awkward, but whatever, the more Scott Adkins kicking giant dudes, the merrier.

Just because the stoic, heavy-hearted, religious-leaning Yuri Boyka finally found freedom at the end of Undisputed 3 doesn’t mean we’ve seen the last of him, and he’s back for another adventure in Boyka: Undisputed. Finally able to put his fighting skills to use to make money rather than purely for survival’s sake, he kills an opponent in the ring. He doesn’t mean to, of course, he’s just that much better than everyone else. So, he feels guilty about that and his hella Catholic conscience weighs on him, but when he goes to apologize to the dead man’s widow, he finds her in all sorts of trouble with a nefarious criminal fellow. Long story short, he winds up in a series of life-or-death fights to save her…and himself.

Every element of Boyka: Undisputed is more or less designed to put Scott Adkins in situations he has to fight his way out of, which is fine and dandy with me. Anytime Boyka needs to find salvation or redemption through acrobatic fisticuffs, I will watch.

DTV cheese abounds, like the scene-chewing villain (Alon Aboutboul) screaming, “I want to be entertained,” and a hulking slab of lunatic being led to the ring in a Hannibal Lecter mask. Most importantly, however, there’s Scott Adkins flipping around, face-kicking dudes.

It’s been six years since Undisputed 3, and though director Todor Chapkanov (taking over from frequent Adkins collaborator Isaac Florentine—the two do their best work together) is a bit of an unknown quantity, Tim Man handles all the fight choreography. He’s the guy responsible for staging the fantastic fight sequences in Ninja 2: Shadow of aTear, so his presence only means good things.

Boyka: Undisputed premiered at Fantastic Fest recently, and folks who dig this sort of stripped down, no-frills action heaped praise on the film. Word on the street is that Millennium has a January 17, 2017 release date slated, and while that’s a way off still, it’s not too long to wait. Before that we can also see Scott Adkins in some silly little comic book movie called Doctor Strange.

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