Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Turkish Horror 'Siccin 4' Drops A Terrifying New Trailer

I’ve said it here before, but it bears repeating and is no less true today, but Turkey isn’t currently fucking around when it comes to horror. Over the last few years, I’ve written about the Siccin movies, and there’s now a bonkers-ass trailer for Siccin 4 to warp your fragile little horror-loving mind. (I apparently missed Siccin 3 somewhere along the line.)

I don’t speak Turkish, but luckily for all of us, you can turn the closed captioning on for this Siccin 4 trailer, which is handy.

Director Alper Mestci is back at the helm for the fourth go-round, and yet again, he does not appear to be playing. We’ve got a creepy old lady in a bathtub, a creepy nurse, creepy kids, a pitcher full of dentures, some demons, maybe an exorcist, and some other horror-related mayhem.

Even watching this trailer, I’m not sure what Siccin 4 is all about. There’s a mother, a son, some grandkids, blazing flames, and a dude wearing way too much eyeliner. Previous installments all revolve around the jinn, evil magic, and kids, and the latest chapter appears to continue all of those threads, at least in some form. All in all, it looks pretty rad.

I did track down this synopsis:
The Yilmaz family was very rich in the past, but their situation has changed over time. The family will have to move back in with Grandma Saadet because of the financial problems they are experiencing. 
Unfortunately, Saadet is not alone in her old house; it has been taken over by residents from another unearthly kingdom. If the family comes home, they will not be welcomed by these supernatural inhabitants, because they do not want anyone from Yilmaz family in the house…
Siccin 4 arrives in theaters—I assume this means Turkish theaters, probably not your local megaplex—on September 1.


George said...

I would really like you to become a guest poster on my blog. House of horrors

Unknown said...

Is Orhan from Siccin 3 is still Orhan in Siccin 4?

engga21 said...

yes he is