Saturday, May 30, 2015

This 'Ash Vs. Evil Dead' Trailer Breaks Out The Chainsaw

While we don’t automatically crap all over every one of the glut of remakes or revisitations of beloved properties, we don’t usually excited. (Mad Max: Fury Road was an exception, and one that paid off big.) We are, however, rather psyched for Starz’ upcoming continuation of Evil Dead, Ash Vs. Evil Dead. It sounds just about perfect, and this groovy new teaser trailer captures everything we want out of this series. Check it out after the jump.

Evil Dead creators Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert, and Bruce Campbell are all back and driving this new series, and finds our favorite slacker, aging ladies man, and stock boy, Ash, once again battling the Deadite scourg after 30 years of shirking responsibility. With a couple of new sidekicks in tow, Ash must set out on a cross-country journey to once again save the world.

Along for the ride on this new 30-minute series are Lucy Lawless as a mysterious figure who blames Ash for the outbreaks, Ray Santiago as a young, idealistic immigrant who becomes Ash’s devoted sidekick, Dana DeLorenzo who is a young woman trying to get away from her past, and Jill Marie Jones as a disgraced Michigan State Trooper who thinks Ash caused the death of her partner and wants some payback.

Ash Vs. Evil Dead hits Starz this fall. Check out the teaser while we figure out how to get Starz.

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