Saturday, May 9, 2015

This 'Space Monster Numagirasu' Trailer Is Old School Creature Feature Awesomeness

Godzilla is obviously the King of the Monsters, but if you’re a fan of giant Japanese monster movies, you have a while to wait before we see him on the big screen again. The good news is, this trailer for Space Monster Numagirasu may be just what you’re looking for in the meantime.

This is old school creature feature action, like, dude-in-a-rubber-suit-stomping-through-a-cardboard-city style, and that is perfectly okay with us. Even if you don’t speak Japanese, it doesn’t appear that is going to be a huge issue to getting the point of this teaser.

According to Dread Central, this is something that’s in the works and isn’t super imminent, but it’s being put together by a bunch of students from a Tokyo university, which is admittedly super rad. There’s obviously not a release date set yet, but you can bet your ass that when this drops we’re going to watch the shit out of it. Check out the trailer for Space Monster Numagirasu below.

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