Thursday, July 30, 2015

'Tremors 5: Bloodlines' Trailer Takes The Graboids And Ass-Blasters To Africa

A few years back, I spent Christmas Day watching all four of the Tremors movies, as well as most of the short-lived series. It’s safe to say that I’m a fan, and as such, you’re damn right I’m pumped up for Tremors 5: Bloodlines. If you’re not, check out this new trailer and you will be.

From the look of this, Tremors 5 is everything you want it to be. It’s ridiculous, Michael Gross is back fighting monsters, and, well, that’s exactly what I really want out of a Tremors. Granted, I could do without Jamie Kennedy, I can always do without Jamie Kennedy, but there are Jurassic Park riffs, and as the Ass-Blasters and Graboids have somehow migrated to Africa; this is going to be an absolute riot. As Burt Gummer says, “Load every gun.”

Here’s the official synopsis:

The stakes are raised for survivalist, Burt Gummer (Michael Gross) in his most dangerous monster hunt yet. When Gummer’s hired to capture a deadly Ass-blaster terrorizing South Africa, he and his new sidekick Travis Welker (Jamie Kennedy) engage in a battle of survival against the fiercely aggressive Ass-blasters and Graboids. Discovering the monsters have evolved into even more lethal creatures, their killer mission takes on a whole new level of unseen terror—far more than they bargained for.

Tremors 5: Bloodlines hits Blu-ray, DVD, and the digital market on October 6. I can’t wait. Check out the trailer below.

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