Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Latest 'Ant-Man' Clip Changes Your Action Expectations

In Marvel’s upcoming Ant-Man, one of the coolest things we’ve seen thus far are the shots of the titular hero, all miniaturized, running around small things as if they were normal size. Fighting Yellowjacket on that toy train track is what comes to mind, but this latest clip shows him running through a tiny model of a city as it explodes around him.

This footage shows Scot Lang (Paul Rudd) trying to infiltrate the lab and swipe the technology that his mentor, Hank Pym (Michael Douglas), doesn’t want to fall into the wrong hands. He’s big, he’s little, he’s running down the barrel of a security guard’s gun, but by far the highlight is when he gets real small and books it through a small-scale city block as the guards blast away. On this scale, the impact is huge. Flipping cars, toppling buildings, it looks like a scene from an Avengers movie, only with one noticeable distinction. This is a fun, clever way to bring the up tempo Marvel style action that you expect from these movies, but to do it in a way that it doesn’t feel stale or like a rehash of what you’ve seen before.

Ant-Man hits theaters everywhere this Friday, June 17.

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