Saturday, July 11, 2015

Watch The 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Reel From Comic-Con

As guarded as I’ve been about new StarWars (the Special Editions are problematic, and I know there are defenders out there, but the prequels are fucking garbage), I can’t help but get giddy about Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Director J.J. Abrams and Lucasfilm are saying all the things I want to hear, and, more importantly, they’re doing all of the right things. Take this behind the scenes video they debuted at San Diego Comic-Con last night.

Since the beginning, Abrams has made it a point to illustrate how the production was going to use practical special effects as much as they could. No one wants another round of green screen nightmares like the prequels. He’s taken every opportunity to showcase that, even in those Star Wars: Force For Change charity videos. But holy shit this reel. That’s the main focus. You see all kinds of creatures, both puppets and people in costumes, there are explosions, stormtroopers rigged up and flying everywhere, robots running all over the place, and how can you not clap a little when you see Rey (Daisy Ridley) spinning around in the gun turret of the Millennium Falcon?

This just looks and feels like dyed-in-the-wool Star Wars, and I have to admit, seeing Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia again gave me chills. Hell, this whole video gives me all of the goddamn feelings; it makes me feel like a kid again. Star Wars: TheForce Awakens hits theaters December 18. Take a look at what you’ll see here.

Admittedly, as the Star Wars panel was going on last night I was reading three different live blogs, had people there sending me updates, and was writing two different articles. It may be the geekiest thing I’ve ever done. Check out the entire panel below.

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