Thursday, January 14, 2016

'Green Room' Room Gets A Tense, Grim Trailer, Needs To Happen Right Now

After Blue Ruin, I’m game for anything writer/director Jeremy Saulnier does, and his next offering, Green Room, looks right up my alley. An exploitation style throwback to the tense, economic standoff movies of early John Carpenter and his ilk, Green Room is finally getting ready to open, and there’s a grim new trailer that makes me want this to happen right now.

When a young punk band is on tour they witness a murder and find themselves trapped in the venue, besieged by a group of vicious white supremacists led by none other than Patrick Stewart. I can’t wait to see him play against type like this, he looks positively terrifying. And as you can see, things are not going to end entirely well for these kids. Cards on the table, when one of my first bands was on tour we had a similar run in with white supremacists in Portland, where Green Room is set. It was nothing quite to this level, but it was stressful to be sure, and this footage has an air of gritty reality.

Green Room has made the festival rounds, premiering at Cannes and screening at both TIFF and Fantastic Fest, but A24 will finally release it for the rest of us with a limited release on April 1, followed by a wide opening on April 15.

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