Friday, May 12, 2017

'Deathgasm' Director Teams Up With Harry Potter For Insane Sounding Action Comedy 'Guns Akimbo'

New Zealand-based demonic heavy metal gore fest Deathgasm was one of my favorite movies of 2015. It’s like everything I love all in one place. Director Jason Lei Howden just lined up his second feature, an action comedy also steeped in violence, called Guns Akimbo. And he’s teaming up with Harry Potter himself, DanielRadcliff, to star.

Variety reports that the former teen wizard has signed up for Guns Akimbo and that Altitude Films and Occupant Entertainment will try to convince people to invest money in this picture at Cannes. Here’s hoping they’re wildly successful. If I had any money, I’d gladly hand it all over to them.

Currently in the pre-production process, Howden wrote the script, and it sounds like something that sprang from the mind of the dude who wrote a movie called Deathgasm. The plot revolves around a guy named Miles, Radcliffe’s character, who’s forced to participate in underground fights streamed on a dark website. He “must fight a heavily armed Nix and also save his girlfriend.” I don’t know who Nix is, but that sounds grim and intense. I’m curious to see where the “comedy” portion of the program comes in, but remember, this comes from a man who made a demonic war for the fate of the world funny as hell, so I’m game.

After Deathgasm, I’m totally pumped to see what Howden has in store for an encore. And Daniel Radcliffe’s post-Harry Potter career continues to be weird as fuck and all the more awesome for it. Just last year he played a farting animated corpse in Swiss Army Man (which I finally watched, and which is sublime), an FBI agent undercover in an ultraviolent skinhead gang, and a magician, I guess, in Now You See Me 2. I didn’t see it. Every choice seems to scream, “I’m Harry Potter-rich, motherfuckers, I can’t do whatever the hell I want. Come at me!”

I don’t know when Guns Akimbo will come our way, but I want it to be now. There’s bound to be so much blood spatter.

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