Tuesday, February 27, 2018

'Heavy Trip' Trailer: The Heavy Metal Road Trip Comedy You've Been Waiting For

It’s been a couple years since the last good heavy metal comedy. Deathgasm is the last I recall, though if Heavy Trip has anything to say about it, 2018 will not pass without one. Check out this trailer to see what I mean.

In all honesty, the only thing I needed to hear about Heavy Trip was: “symphonic post-apocalyptic reindeer-grinding Christ-abusing extreme war pagan Fennoscandian metal.” The fact that this trailer (thanks BMD for pointing it out) looks ridiculous and over-the-top, well, that’s just icing on this hard-rocking cake.

The movie follows a Finnish death metal band who, after a dozen years of playing in their parents’ basement, finally get their big break, the chance to play a huge festival in Norway. As the title implies, there’s a road trip involved. And when you get metal heads on the road, wacky hijinks ensue.

Here’s the synopsis from Heavy Trip’s Facebook page. Bonus points for band being named Impaled Rektum.
Heavy trip is a feel-good comedy about a young man trying to overcome his fears by leading Finnish heavy metal band, Impaled Rektum, to the hottest metal festival of Norway. The journey includes heavy metal, grave robbing, vikings and an armed conflict between Finland and Norway.
I’m seriously having trouble coming up with words for how happy this makes me. Some things are just too good for this world, and Heavy Trip may well be one of them. And the poster with them in corpse paint, standing on an epic precipice next to a reindeer? Just perfect. No one knows metal quite like the Scandinavians.

Heavy Trip makes its world premiere on March 10 at SXSW in Austin, Texas. I have my fingers crossed this will come somewhere close to me—SIFF, I’m looking at you—because I would like this in my life as soon as possible. Thanks.

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