Tuesday, August 21, 2018

'Slice' Trailer: Pizza, Werewolves, A Portal To Hell, And Chance The Rapper

You can’t never say A24 does the same thing every time out of the gate. Just when you think you have the boutique studio pegged, they drop a crazy-ass genre banger like Hereditary, a Muay Thai prison drama in the vein of A Prayer Before Dawn, or,  you know, a cheeky pizza delivery/werewolf/portal-to-hell horror yarn. Just watch the trailer for Slice below, it’ll all make sense. Well, sort of.

Like I said, this Slice trailer has pizza delivery, werewolves, a portal to hell, Zazie Beetz, and Chance the Rapper, among other things. It also looks as bonkers as you might expect from a horror movie containing all of those elements. And, of course, I can’t freaking wait!

Slice has been delayed a few times, or at least it’s taken longer to arrive than originally anticipated. It was first announced in 2015, and while it was always coming, it just didn’t show up in the original delivery window.

The film apparently takes place in a city where humans and the supernatural coexist, though to what degree remains a bit cloudy. But it has murdered pizza delivery driver and a wide arrange of suspects, both those from this realm and beyond. That promises to deliver a great deal of fun and intrigue.

Director Austin Vesely has said that Chance the Rapper’s character is a former Chinese food delivery driver, and also a werewolf, who, of course, becomes a suspect. I’m super curious about the tone. This trailer looks funny and like it toys with genre conventions, but also like it has room to be legitimately scary. Vesely also compared his film to both Twin Peaks and Magnolia. I don’t entirely know how that’s going to go, but I really, really want to find out.

There’s no set release date for Slice yet, but it supposedly hits theaters sometime this year.

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