Saturday, November 22, 2014

Watch This Trailer For Nigerian Zombie Thriller 'Ojuju'

Zombies may be all over American popular culture, from hit TV shows like The Walking Dead to goddamn Starburst and Hyundai commercials, but the undead aren’t our sole property. From Wild Zero to Remington and the Curse of the Zombadings, they’re worldwide, including Nigeria. And in that spirit, check out this trailer for C.J. Obasi’s Ojuju.

In addition to being a different perspective on your standard zombie outbreak story, Ojuju also appears to have higher aims, with something more substantial to say, much like how George Romero’s early Dead films contained subversive political undertones.

Here’s a synopsis:

Romero's (Gabriel Afolayan) neighborhood is in trouble. People are suddenly manifesting symptoms of rabid river blindness . With his friends, Emmy (Kelechi Udegbe) and Peju (Omowunmi Dada) he struggles to understand how the neighborhood's sole source of water supply could have been infected. However, there's no time to ponder because they all must survive and fight their way through to escape the infested neighborhood.

Even working with no budget, Ojuju recently won the Best Film Prize at the African International Film Festival. This looks like another strong effort form Nigeria’s emerging film industry, nicknamed Nollywood, and illustrates that the market has much to offer across a variety of genres and with big and small budgets alike. Thanks to Twitch for pointing this out, and Ojuju is one we’re going to be keeping an eye on.

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