Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Gina Carano Joins The 'Kickboxer' Remake

Who would have thought I’d be excited about a remake of Kickboxer? But with a cast led by stunt badass Alan Moussi, featuring former UFC champ George St. Pierre, WWE star Dave Bautista, and original star Jean-Claude Van Damme as the wise mentor figure, you have my attention. Still, I’d rather you call it anything else and just let it be a Kickboxer remake, but now that Gina Carano has joined theparty, you can call it whatever the hell you want and I’m all in.

The former-MMA-fighter-turned-action-star will play fight promoter in the update of the 1989 classic, though you can rest assured that she’ll be doing plenty of fighting of her own. She may not be the greatest thespian in the world, but fronting movies like Haywire, and appearing in the likes of Fast & Furious 6, she’s has shown that she has a definite screen presence, and can hold her own with anyone when it comes to an onscreen throw down.

Moussi plays the lead, Kurt Sloan, who goes to Thailand get revenge against the evil Tong Po (Bautista), who kills his brother. And it all leads to a Muay Thai fight to the death, which, in my opinion, is how most movies should end. Production is now underway in New Orleans and Thailand.

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