Sunday, April 12, 2015

Old School Slasher 'Bastard' Delivers A Creepy Trailer

Chainsaws, creepy manors, hitchhiking serial killers. That sounds like the makings of a pretty good time to us, and that’s exactly what the new horror joint Bastard is made of. The creepy, low-budget slasher throwback is looking for distribution, but hopefully someone out there will check out this new trailer and pick it up.

The story follows a pair of newly married killers hitchhiking on their honeymoon and leaving a trail of bodies in their wake, a brother and sister on the run, and a cop with a suicidal streak. And wouldn’t you know, all of them are on a collision course that involves a small town bed and breakfast, a masked killer, and a series of murders.

Filmmakers Patrick R. Young and Powell Robinson tell Shock Til You Drop, “We don’t want to make a joke out of the time period, but rather use it as an inspiration to tell a character driven horror story that evokes the same nostalgia you feel watching cult classics like Halloween, My Bloody Valentine and Sleepaway Camp. Expect all practical effects and a synth heavy score.”

Again, that sounds like a good time from where I sit, and from this trailer, Bastard just might achieve that goal. Check it out below.

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