Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Vicious 'Green Room' Red Band Trailer Breaks Bones And Unleashes The Hounds

It debuted and Cannes last year, and we’ve been waiting for Jeremy Saulnier’s Green Room ever since. Truth be told, we’ve been fiending for whatever he did next after Blue Ruin, and this looks like one hell of a follow-up. It just played at Sundance and opens for the rest of us in April, and ahead of that A24 just dropped a vicious new red band trailer.

This is punishing, violent stuff, a throwback to self-contained horror-thrillers of the ‘70s and ‘80s, where  a group of heroes find themselves besieged by hostile forces. In this case it’s a bunch of white supremacists led by Patrick Stewart, who is positively chilling.

The story revolves around a punk band called The Ain’t Rights who get a last minute show in the backwoods of Oregon at the end of a long, disastrous tour. What begins as just another shitty gig, a prelude to their breaking up, takes a turn for the harrowing when they witness a murder. Trapped backstage, the band must fight Darcy (Stewart) and his goons. As you can tell from this trailer, shit gets brutal.

Green Room opens everywhere April 15. Check out the trailer and a new poster below.

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