Friday, February 15, 2019

'Maria' Trailer: Never Mess With A Mother In This Filipino Actioner

Christine Reyes with a knife

So far, March is shaping up to be great month for badass female-fronted international action movies. First up we have Veronica Ngo in Furie, which looks incredible, and though it’s full of dudes, Triple Threat prominently features JeeJa Yanin and Celina Jade. And now there’s Filipino director Pedring Lopez’ Maria to add to the pile. Check out the trailer below and mark your calendars.

If you’ve paid attention to Furie, Maria appears to have an almost identical plot. There’s a mother, living a peaceful life with her daughter, only she has a shadowy past as a secret badass, which catches up with her. When short-sighted goons abduct the daughter, she must dust off her old skills and return to a way of life she thought she left behind. Simple, straight-forward revenge, and I’m here for it all day, especially when the action looks this good.

Here’s the synopsis:
Cristine Reyes stars as Lily, a former cartel assassin who begins her new life as Maria—a new life suddenly cut short when the cartel learns of her whereabouts. Soon, the hunter becomes the hunted and a new fight wages on with revenge as the ultimate prize.
There’s also a definite BuyBust feel to this Maria trailer. Part of that is probably country of origin, but also because veteran stunt choreographer Sonny Sison (Godzilla, Olympus Has Fallen, and many more) handled the action for both movies. And that’s a good thing because the action in BuyBust rules hard. Sison also worked with Lopez on his earlier film, Nilalang

Maria co-stars Germaine De Leon, Jennifer Lee, Ronnie Lazaro, Cindy Miranda, Freddy Webb, Ivan Padilla, and KC Montero, among others. Viva Entertainment will release the film on March 27, though as far as I can tell, that’s only in the Philippines. I don’t know when it might hit other markets, but hopefully it will land soon because I am way, way into this. 

Also, check out these awesome, stylized posters that play up the duality of the protagonist, including one of her as a ninja, so…

Cristine Reyes woman with a machine gun

Cristine Reyes Hero of Villain

bloody sweaty woman

Female ninja

Cristine Reyes with a knife

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