Friday, July 8, 2016

Watch The Unsettling First Trailer For Indonesian Horror 'Danur'

Though it’s woefully underappreciated Stateside, Indonesia has carved out a solid spot when it comes to international horror. (There is a long history with Indonesia and horror, one of my favorites is still 1981’s Mystics in Bali.) Writer/director Awi Suryadi won some new devotees in 2015 with the eerie-ass clown horror Badoet, and he’s back for another tear around the genre with Danur. Check out the creepy first trailer below.

This Danur trailer, which debuted at Screen Anarchy, has everything you need. There’s a creepy doll, children singing, a ghost nanny rocking in a rocking chair, and atmosphere and scares for days. It’s all more than a little bit unsettling.

Better still, the title reportedly translates to “corpse juice,” so I am more than game. I’m sure there’s a deeper meaning, perhaps some cultural context, but call your film corpse juice and you have my undivided attention.

Here’s a rather lengthy synopsis:
Little Risa is lonely. Her father is working in a foreign country and her mother is kept busy between taking care of her sick grandmother in the hospital and her job as a public servant. So Little Risa is spending her school holiday mostly alone in her grandmother's big house. When her mother misses her 8th birthday, Little Risa wishes for a friend. As soon as she blows the candle, she hears a little boy singing...
That night, Little Risa meets three little Dutch boys playing hide-and-seek in her grandmother's closet. They introduce themselves as Peter, William and Janshen. Her wish for a friend has been granted threefold. She doesn't care that her mother can't seem to see her new friends, their friendship is real to her. Until one night her mother comes home with a paranormal and he opens her inner eye... Little Risa finally sees her friends in their true form. 
9 years later. Risa is a teenager and she hasn't seen her childhood friends since that night. She has to return to her grandmother's house to take care of her until a replacement nanny arrives. Upon the nanny's arrival, strange things start to happen and Risa just might need her childhood friends more than ever.

Based on Risa Saraswati’s best selling novel Gerbang Dialog Danur, Danur is currently in post production and stars Sareefa Daanish, best known to most for the Mo Brothers’ Macabre. No word on when this might drop, but you better believe I’ll be keeping an eye out for more news on this front.

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