Friday, May 11, 2018

Lunatics Sion Sono And Nicolas Cage Team Up For Cinematic Mayhem With 'Prisoners Of The Ghostland'

When two cinematic madmen hook up, you can bet the result is going to be some crazy ass shit. And that’s exactly what I expect from the tag team of Sion Sono and Nicolas Cage. If the prospect of these to lunatics working together doesn’t get your Spidey sense tingling, you may be dead. The duo is set to work together on Prisoners of the Ghostland, Sono’s English-language debut, and it sounds rad and insane.

Deadline reports that Tag and Why Don’t You Play in Hell director will unite with the Mom and Dad (where he screams the Hokey Pokey and smashes a pool table) and Mandy (where he apparently fights a cult of demon bikers) star. It’s all too perfect. Between them, they have countless manic, unhinged films and it’s about damn time they find their way to each other.

And the plot of Prisoners of the Ghostland sounds absolutely like the movie Nicolas Cage and Sion Sono should make together. According to the report:
Ghostland, penned by Aaron Hendry and Safai, centers on notorious criminal Hero (Cage) who is sent to rescue an abducted girl who has disappeared into a dark supernatural universe. They must break the evil curse that binds them and escape the mysterious revenants that rule the Ghostland, an East-meets-West vortex of beauty and violence.
See, didn’t I say it sounded like the perfect project for these two? As I said, it also marks Sono’s  English language debut, which will hopefully garner the cult director a wider fan base outside of his rabid niche of followers.

Prisoners of the Ghostland is currently being shopped at the Cannes marketplace, so there’s no word when it will hit. But in the meantime, we have Mandy and like a dozen other Cage movies to tide us over until it arrives.

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