Tuesday, May 15, 2018

'Mile 22' Trailer: Iko Uwais, Mark Wahlberg, Ronda Rousey, And Peter Berg Team Up To Explode Things

Marky Mark is sick of coddling all the pussies and his new movie is here to prove that. I don’t exactly know how that ties into his new action movie, Mile 22, but the Trump pal once again teams up with director Peter Berg (Lone Survivor, Deepwater Horizon) for some rah-rah, flag-waving, manly shit. And they, of course, can’t help but getting a jab in at people with feelings (AKA the aforementioned pussies) at the start of this new trailer.

Aside from weird anti-PC opening, which again, doesn’t fit with anything else around it (what does that have to do with an elite special ops crew in Southeast Asia?), this Mile 22 trailer does two very smart things. First, it lets The Raid star Iko Uwais do his thing a couple of times. For me, that’s honestly the draw for this movie. Peter Berg shoots action well, and I can’t wait to see what he does with a talent like Uwais. Second, they only let Ronda Rousey say like one word. Fuck, she’s terrible at acting. Maybe she’ll improve now that she’s a part of the WWE, I haven’t watched, but this has been in the can for a bit and I can’t imagine she’s good.

There are some questionable choices going on. Walhberg’s cocky smarm already annoys me by the halfway mark of this near three-minute trailer. I know that’s his thing, but I find myself with less and less patience for it as the years pass. I’m also not sure what the hell is going on with John Malkovich’s hair, but it looks like something died on his head.

But despite any misgivings, the action does look pretty righteous and just my style. So there’s that.

Here’s the plot synopsis:
In this heart-racing action thriller, a CIA agent stationed in Indonesia is tasked with transporting an informant whose identity has been discovered, from the center of the city to an awaiting getaway plane at an airport 22 miles away. While en route, they must battle corrupt police, criminal overlords and heavily-armed locals, all hell-bent on taking them out before they reach their plane.
STX appears to have big plans for Mile 22. They’ve said it’s intended at the start of a trilogy and a sequel is already in development. Deadline reports that there is also a “scripted series and VR component” in the works, whatever a VR component is. It will be interesting to see if audiences respond in a way that justifies all of this, or if MarkWahlberg is still a big enough draw to launch such a franchise. I have my doubts on both fronts, but what the hell, I’m all in for this style of action.

Mile 22 hits theaters on August 3.

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