Tuesday, January 21, 2020

'May The Devil Take You Too' Trailer: Timo Tjahjanto Returns With More 'Evil Dead'-Inspired Horror

Now this, this is the stuff. Back in 2018, Indonesian director Timo Tjahjanto back-to-backed us with pummeling action saga The Night Comes for Us and the Raimi-esque demonic creeper May the Devil Take You. It was a hell of a one-two punch. While that first one hasn’t yielded a sequel (fingers crossed, fingers crossed so damn hard), in 2020, Tjahjanto delivers May the Devil Take You Too, and that’s pretty rad. Now we have a trailer that should start horror fans salivating. Check it out below.

Bloody Disgusting has our first look and hot damn, if you dig the previous film, this May the Devil Take You Too trailer will most likely get those same juices flowing. We’ve got evil spirits, sinister books, sacrifices, spooky children, blood, terror, disembodied voices, flaming people, and more treats for genre fans. It also looks super metal. This is gonna be fun.

May the Devil Takes You follows Alfie, a game Chelsea Islan, who should become a new horror icon. She discovers that her father, many years ago, made a pact with the Devil, and we all know that never goes well. But even though she thought she defeated this particular evil at the end of chapter one, the mere existence of a sequel suggests otherwise. Then again, this might be a whole other evil and Alfie just has terrible luck, but my guess is that the two are at least related.

May the Devil Take You Too open in Indonesia on February 27, though there’s no word on an international release. Netflix picked up the first film, which premiered at Fantastic Fest, so maybe that’ll happen again this time. That would be great news since it would likely mean we’ll see it sooner rather than later, unless they want to give it a run at some of the genre-heavy film festivals later in the year to build hype. However it shakes out, this is a movie we should all be stoked about, and a new Timo Tjahjanto movie is always worth enthusiasm.

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