Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Timo Tjahjanto Will Direct A 'May The Devil Take You' Sequel

Last fall, Timo Tjahjanto pummeled us all about the head and neck with The Night Comes for Us, and it was good. A fact all too often eclipsed by that whirlwind of fist and violence is that he also released a horror movie, May the Devil Take You, at almost the same time—both movies premiered at Fantastic Fest last year. Devil is also super rad, which is why it’s exciting to learn the Indonesian director is going to climb back into the big chair for a sequel, maybe titled May the Devil Take You Too.

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Tjahjanto took to Twitter last night (pointed out by the folks at Bloody Disgusting) and posted this:

That’s really all there is to that, right now, but hot damn. Tjahjanto making another movie is great news on its own since I’ve loved everything he’s done, on his own or teamed up with directing partner Kimo Stamboel (DreadOut), who also produced Devil. And May the Devil Take You rules hard in an early Sam Raimi kind of way, so a sequel sounds like a hell of a lot of fun.

I’m also curious if the title is really May the Devil Take You Too or if that’s just playful social media banter. We’ll see if stars like Chelsea Islan or Pevita Pearce also make a return or if the story heads in a totally new direction. (Honestly, off the top of my head, I can’t remember precisely who survives the ordeal, so, that will probably have some impact.)

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Here’s the synopsis for the first film, which I is on Netflix if you’re unfamiliar:
Alfie, a troubled young woman reluctantly reunites with her estranged father. Discovering that her coma-induced father has been hit by an unexplained disease, she herself starts to experience supernatural occurrences. Alfie and her step siblings then venture into her father's abandoned villa; a place that might hold the answer to what has happened. Soon, they discover something terrifying, unwittingly unleashing a malevolent spirit that will send them into the edge of mayhem and despair.
Like I said, details are sparse, but the “shooting soon” is enough to start me salivating. And you can bet your ass I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for more.

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