Thursday, August 13, 2015

Dolph Lundgren Is Filming 'Kindergarten Cop 2' Right Now

If you’ve been waiting for 25 years for ArnoldSchwarzenegger to reprise his role as Detective John Kimble for Kindergarten Cop 2, that’s not happening (Triplets is about as close as you’re going to get). But if you’ve been waiting to hear the words “Dolph Lundgren is starring in Kindergarten Cop 2,” today is your lucky day, because that is something that’s happening.

And it’s not just a nebulous idea floating around, something that will happen, or that might happen; this is something that is currently happening, as in Kindergarten Cop 2 starring Dolph Lundgren is filming right now! (I don’t use exclamation points lightly.) Manly Movie, who are folks after my own heart when it comes to film, have some photos of the Swedish badass on the set. To be honest, practically speaking, Lundgren is way more qualified to pretend to be a teacher than Schwarzenegger. After all, he has multiple advanced degrees in chemical engineering.

Lundgren plays some sort of law enforcement officer who, surprise, goes undercover as a kindergarten teacher in order to find a missing flash drive for the Federal Witness Protection program. He and his Indian sidekick, Sanjit, are going to tussle with some Albanian bad guys this time around. That’s what you have to look forward to, in addition to a bunch of wild, feral children running Dolph Lundgren into the ground.

There is some serious forgotten sequel mojo going on behind the scenes, too. Michael Don Paul of Jarhead 2: Field of Fire is directing, while David H. Steinberg, who wrote American Pie 2 took care of the script.

Kindergarten Cop 2 is filming in Vancouver, British Columbia right now, which is only a few hours away from me. So, if you hear about some idiot getting arrested for trying to sneak onto a movie set and hug Dolph Lundgren, that’s probably me.

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