Monday, August 31, 2015

Scott Adkins New Movie 'Eliminators' Sounds Awesome, Even With That Terrible Title

Just the simple fact of a new Scott Adkins movie is enough to get us pumped up around these parts, but it doesn’t hurt that his next film, Eliminators, sounds awesome. Sure, the name may call to mind some unfortunate bodily functions, but aside from that the details are all solid.

According to Manly Movie, Eliminators co-stars WWE wrestler Wade Barrett, and the two play characters named Martin and Bishop. For his part, Adkins, one of the baddest cinematic men on the planet, is a former Federal Agent who comes out of witness protection when his London home is raided. The result of a mistaken address, the folks who are after him learn of his whereabouts and a dangerous hitman is sent to take care of business. With his daughter in tow, he has to protect her, save the day, and probably get a little spot of revenge just for good measure. Yeah, that sounds just about perfect to us, too.

After rehearsals, Eliminators has just started shooting in London, and you can bet your ass this is one we’ll be keeping an eye on. In the meantime, we have another Scott Adkins joint, Close Range, supposedly dropping later this year, which should give us our ass-kicking fix.

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