Saturday, March 7, 2015

Strap In For This Extended 'Furious 7' Trailer

If you’re familiar with this site at all, you know we’re rather excited for Furious 7 around these parts. Every subsequent piece of promotion released just ups the ante even further, making this look like the most bananas action movie we’ve ever seen, and that includes this new extended trailer.

I got lucky enough to see this on an IMAX screen the other day when I went to see Chappie, and that big, with that sound, it’s even more out of control than you already expected it to be. Cars parachuting out of airplanes, the most heavily armed bus you’ve ever seen, and Vin Diesel jumping a car from one skyscraper to another as Jason Statham shoots rockets at him (I think that’s what’s happening, I’m not entirely sure, nor do I care because it’s nuts). I can’t think of anything more I want from any movie.

Furious 7 opens everywhere April 3.

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