Monday, March 9, 2015

These 'Portal To Hell' Set Photos Show Roddy Piper Tangle With An Ancient Evil

We’ve been stupidly excited for Vivieno Cladinelli and Matt Watts’ Portal to Hell since the very first second we heard about it. Come on, how can you not be stoked-beyond-words for “Rowdy” Roddy Piper battling Cthulhu? Even better was when it was announced that it will be a feature-length film (it was originally envisioned as a short), and the fact that production is underway has us dancing around with glee. And just to prove that this is really happening, Twitch has a handful of stills from the set.

Here’s the synopsis, try to contain yourself:

Jack is a simple man with simple needs. Mostly he just needs to be left alone to read his book. It's a good book and he likes it, or at least he would if the tenants of the building he manages weren't so damn needy themselves. And it's not just blown fuses and clogged toilets here ... no, when the building power goes out the culprit is a pair of tenants opening a portal to hell in the basement. Does this count as building maintenance? Is battling the supernatural part of Jack's job description? Maybe not, but if Jack can't close the portal the entire building and - let's face it - the whole world is screwed.  

Portal to Hell is rolling right along and is reportedly in post production already, which bring so damn much joy to our hearts that we just want to weep at how beautiful the world is. Check out the photos below, and rest assured that we’ll continue keeping a close eye on this one.

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