Thursday, March 12, 2015

Steven Seagal's 'Code Of Honor' Starts Production

I’m generally in the minority on this front, but I still consider Steven Seagal a viable movie star. His output isn’t as consistently top notch as early in his career, when he stormed the world with films like Above the Law, Hard to Kill, Marked for Death, and Out for Justice, which are still his best, and were followed directly by Under Siege. It hasn’t even been as strong as his best DTV run in the early part of the millennium. Still, I get a faint stir of excitement in my belly when I hear of a new Seagal project, and that happened again today as his latest, Code of Honor, has started production.

The title harkens back to the three word, blank-preposition-blank title structure of his heyday, and filming will reportedly go down in Salt Lake City, UT. Michael Winnick, who wrote and directed Girls, Guns, and Gambling handles the same duties here. Helena Mattsson, the Swedish star of G, G, and G, also appears, as does Craig Sheffer (Night Breed), who you have to assume is playing the villain.

Here’s the synopsis:

CODE OF HONOR is the story of a special forces colonel who has recently returned back home from the middle east after going on terminal leave. He quickly realizes his hometown has disintegrated into a violent degenerate world run by murderers and narco-terrorists.  After little deliberation he decides to covertly enter the shadow world and do what he does best. Almost no one can stop him, but an old teammate tries.

Not only does the name sound similar, but this isn’t too far from the plot of Marked for Death. If only they got Keith David to costar. Okay, so this isn’t going to break any new ground, but you didn’t really expect that to happen, did you? And the prospect of Seagal, even at 62-years-old, dismantling a vicious gang of drug dealing terrorists is, even in 2015, more than enough to pique my interest.

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