Thursday, March 5, 2015

Watch Jean-Claude Van Damme Battle My Little Pony, Yes, You Read That Right

Well this is the best thing I’ve seen all week. Over the years, Jean-Claude Van Damme has battled many foes—his evil twin, Tong Po, a nefarious denim counterfeiting ring, and the dude who played War Child in Point Break, just to name a few—but perhaps none quite as vicious as My Little Pony.

A while back, the Muscles from Brussels put a collection green screen clips online for anyone to use how they saw fit. Since then I’ve been waiting for someone to put it to good use, and someone has finally put itto the best use. Who thought watching an aging action star battle animated ponies in the far away land of Equestria would be so damn amazing?

Okay, I take that back, who doesn’t think watching Jean-Claude Van Damm fighting small animated horses is the best use of their time? Check it out below.

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