Sunday, March 15, 2015

This 'Before I Wake' Trailer Makes You Never Want To Go To Sleep

I’ve said it many times before, and I’m sure I’ll have cause to say it again, but little kids are creepy, especially in horror movies. If you need any further proof, just check out this trailer for Mike Flanagan’s (Oculus) new film, Before I Wake, it’ll make you never want to go to sleep again.

The story follows a couple, Kate Bosworth and Thomas Jane, who take in a young foster boy. This is a horror movie, so you think you know there’s going to be something fucked up about this kid, and there certainly is: when he sleeps, his dreams come to life. That’s all well and good when he dreams of butterflies (though if you’re a Fringe fan, you know how dangerous dream butterflies can be) and happiness, but when he has nightmares, like that sinister figure made out of what looks like butterflies and flashlights, things can have a more dire, serious impact.

Oculus has problems, but it is suitably eerie and moody, and Flanagan’s previous film, Absentia, is a fantastic haunting tale that gets incredible results with few resources, relying on storytelling, mood, and tension rather than a big budget. While Before I Wake sounds like a standard supernatural horror on paper, this glimpse, coupled with Flanagan’s previous work, indicate that hopefully it will be something more unusual and substantial.

Watch the trailer for Before I Wake below, and check it out when it hits theaters on May 8.

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