Tuesday, August 9, 2016

'Arrival' Trailer: Watch Amy Adams Talk To Aliens

Sci-fi is my jam, and as much as I love alien invasions where the outsiders show up and wreak havoc, the pinnacle of the genre has always been the thoughtful, brainy, human works that use the speculative trappings to hold a mirror up to society. Not that the two are necessarily mutually exclusive, but Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival promises to fall firmly into that second camp. Yesterday we got our first look at the film, and today arrives with a shiny new teaser trailer. Check it out below.

This Arrival trailer is short and esoteric, but there’s more than enough promise to be found in this footage. (A full trailer will apparently hit the airwaves next week.) Mystery and questions are at the forefront here: who are the aliens, why are they here, what do they want, are they friends or enemies? You know, all the usual things one asks when extraterrestrial visitors show up out of the blue.

Amy Adams’ Louise is at the forefront of answering all of these questions. Based on Ted Chiang’s novella Story of our Life (formerly the title of the film), she’s a linguist tasked with deciphering the alien language and determining exactly what they want, and her search changes how she views the world. Adams referred to her character’s arc as “devastating.”

Any time Denis Villeneuve makes a movie, it’s going to have my attention (next up for the Sicario helmer is another sci-fi joint, Blade Runner 2), but Arrival definitely appears to be worth getting excited for. I’m curious to see how much subsequent trailers reveal, or if the marketing will continue to harp on the enigmatic elements (I certainly hope that’s how they play it).

Starring Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, and Forest Whitaker, Arrival arrives on November 11. Try to contain yourself.

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