Tuesday, December 6, 2016

'Kodoku Meatball Machine' Trailer: Heavy Metal, Blood, And Machine Gun Boobs...And Blood

A certain level of utter chaos and mayhem from the guy behind Tokyo Gore Police and Mutant Girl Squad is to be expected, and the trailer for Japanese director Yoshihiro Nishimura’s Kodoku Meatball Machine does not disappoint on that front. Check it out below, it’ll be the most insane two minutes of your day. If it isn’t, holy shit, you’re having a weird one.

To be honest, watching this trailer, I have no idea what Kodoku Meatball Machine is actually about, but it’s crazy. Dodgy special effects, blood, wailing heavy metal, and machine gun boobs…and blood. That’s the gist of it. And that wizard-looking person at the beginning. And that floating space jar thing. And did I mention blood?

Kodoku Meatball Machine is a sequel to 2005’s Meatball Machine, which Yoshihiro Nishimura worked on as a special effects artist and modeler. While there aren’t any details about the new chapter, that film is about an invasion of alien parasites called NecroBorgs, so it’s easy to infer that the latest instalment will follow along similar lines.

I feel like you’re either totally on the hook for Kodoku Meatball Machine or you watched this trailer and shook your head, muttering about, “some people.” There’s not a lot of middle ground to be found here. If this is your jam, it’s your jam, if it’s not, this looks like the worst thing you’ve ever seen. Which is pretty much par for the course.

I suspect I’ll watch this, dig the hell out of it for like 15-minutes, then grow weary of the extreme cyberpunk carnage. But who knows, it does feature a good cast that includes Eihi Shiina (Audition), Yoji Tanaka (Kill Bill Vol. 1), Ami Tomite (Tag), Takumi Saito (13 Assassins), and more. Kodoku Meatball Machine has the potential to be a total blast. Or at least a face-full of arterial spray.

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