Wednesday, July 26, 2017

'London Has Fallen' Is Getting A Sequel And I May Be The Only One Who's Excited

I hope you’re still thirsty as fuck, I know I am. I’m generally in the minority on this one, but 2016’s London Has Fallen is awesome. Which is extra impressive, given that the predecessor, Olympus Has Fallen, is such a shrug. But London is a mean, nasty, jingoistic, stripped-down ‘80s style actioner. And bless Millennium Films’ little heart, there’s going to be more, as the studio just okayed Angel Has Fallen, which has a director and everything.

Variety reports that Ric Roman Waugh, who’s upcoming Shot Caller hits theaters next month, will direct. He’s best known for The Rock’s Snitch and Felon with Val Kilmer, though he’s also a prolific stuntman. (I’m into this wave of stunt-performers-turned-directors, it means we get dope ass action sequences.)

Star Gerard Butler will also reprise his role as Secret Service Agent Mike Banning. According to the trade, he’s a big reason why Roman Waugh was hired. Butler isn’t always the greatest actor, but his gruff, dickish demeanor was a perfect fit for London, and I just hope Angel Has Fallen is even a fraction as quotable as the last movie.

In the last two movies, Banning had to save President Aaron Eckhart from various threats foreign and domestic. In Angel Has Fallen, however, he himself becomes the target of a terrorist attack, reportedly while flying on Air Force One. I like the sound of that. Maybe he’ll get another opportunity to tell people to go back to Fuckheadistan.

Writers Creighton Rothenberger and Katrin Benedikt, who handled the first two films, also wrote the script for the third installment. And Morgan Freeman will apparently reprise his role as government official Allan Trumbull, because why the hell not. He barely said three sentences in the second film, and I can think of worse ways to earn a payday than sitting in a room full of shiny tech gizmos and not doing anything.

We’ll have to wait until 2018 to see if Angel Has Fallen lives up to the DTV-style ass kickery of London Has Fallen, but rest assured, this now has my full attention.

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