Tuesday, October 10, 2017

'Beyond Skyline' Has A New Trailer And Release Date

It feels like 75% of what I’ve written about recently involves Beyond Skyline, and that’s fine with me. Not a fan of the 2010 alien invasion yarn, Skyline, the after-the-fact sequel looks completely badass. And that includes this new U.S. trailer. Perhaps even more exciting than that, is there’s now a confirmed release date on American soil, which is a pretty sweet indeed.

I’m too lazy to do a shot-for-shot comparison, but I’m fairly certain this Beyond Skyline trailer is exactly the same as the U.K. trailer that dropped a while back. (And that’s no longer available apparently.) If not, it’s just about the same, which means it also kicks all of the ass.

Frank Grillo, Iko Uwais, and Yayan Ruhian fighting alien interlopers? I will watch that all day every day, twice on Sunday and all that.

Set at the same time as Skyline, Beyond Skyline looks at the alien incursion from a different perspective. Grillo plays a grizzled cop who tries to rescue his son from the extraterrestrial baddies. Along the way, he teams up with Uwais and what appears to be a band of resistors hiding out in the jungle. Then shit gets real.

Here’s the official synopsis:
When the population of Los Angeles is vacuumed off the face of the earth, Detective Mark Corley (Frank Grillo) storms his way onto an alien ship to rescue his estranged son. But after crashing the ship in Southeast Asia, he must forge an alliance with a band of survivors to discover the key to saving his son and taking back the planet once and for all.
Again, this trailer is rad and all, but we’ve seen it. Beyond Skyline hits a few film festivals in the coming weeks then it starts an international roll out. But while dates were announced for other regions, there was no U.S. date. Until now!

Beyond Skyline invades America on December 15. Given this is also the day Star Wars: The Last Jedi opens, it’s shaping up to be a solid day for sci-fi fans. According to the film’s Facebook page, it hits theater/iTunes/Amazon/VOD that day. My guess is that it’s a relatively modest theatrical run, but fingers crossed it hits screens in Seattle.

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