Monday, March 19, 2018

'Buffalo Boys' Trailer: Action Heavy Indonesian Western Features Folks From 'Headshot,' 'The Raid 2,' And More

This should be fun. In recent years, Indonesian action cinema has delivered the likes of Merantau, The Raid and The Raid 2, Headshot, and more. These rank among the best violent martial arts movies, not only of modern times, but ever. And a bunch of folks involved in many of these films, and others, teamed up for a project called Buffalo Boys, which promises no shortage of face-kicking, throat-punching action.

Before we get to the specifics of those involved, an impressive list to be sure, Buffalo Boys released a short teaser trailer over the weekend. It doesn’t reveal much as far as story goes, but on the action front, it provides a nice glimpse of what to expect.

Mike Wiluan produced for the Mo Brothers’ on both Macabre and Headshot, as well as last year’s Beyond Skyline (and Hitman: Agent 47, but we won’t talk about that). According to City on Fire, he makes his directorial debut with Buffalo Boys.

In front of the camera, the film stars Sunny Pang (Headshot), Zack Lee (The Raid 2), Conan (the original Gregor Clegane in Game of Thrones), Ario Bayu (Headshot and Macabre), Yoshi Sudarso (various Power Rangers installments), Pevita Pearce, and Tio Pakusadewo (The Raid 2, Java Heat). You get the idea that this is becoming a kind of ass-kicking stock company. Veteran stunt performer Kazu Patrick Tang (District B13, Hard Target 2, and more) handles the action choreography.

Buffalo Boys looks like a kind of Southeast Asian western. According to a Google Translate version of a plot summary, the action takes place during the Dutch colonial period of Indonesian history. Set in Central Java in the 19th century, it follows two brothers, Jamar (Ario Bayu) and Suwo (Yoshi Sudarso). After years of exile in America, they return to Java to avenge their father, who was a Sultan. And who, I assume, was betrayed or murdered, or some combination of the two.

Apparently, Buffalo Boys is in post-production and has plans to release sometime this year. You can bet we’ll be keeping an eye out for this and will let you know anything we here. In the meantime, enjoy this stylish poster.

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