Saturday, February 28, 2015

Check Out This Grim Extended Look At 'An American Serial Killer In Manila'

With a title like An American Serial Killer in Manila, you have our attention. And after taking a gander at this extended promo for the film, which is still in development, I want someone to give me a bunch of money so I can give it to these folks to finish their damn movie. Or I could just wait until they finish it on their own and buy a ticket, but I’m an impatient sort.

From the name and what we see here, it looks like this is very much the story of an American who just so happens to be a serial killer, plying his trade during what sounds like it’s going to be one hell of a nasty storm. This looks grim and brutal and moody, not to mention strangely beautiful in an aesthetic sense. Take a peek at that splatterylogo, and you just know you’re in store for a vicious, exploitation style throwback thriller.

Director Mikhail Red is the son of Raymond Red, who Twitch calls “a leading voice in the country's alternative filmmaking scene,” though he has been making a name for himself in his own right, with films like Rekorder.

An American Serial Killer in Manila was chosen for the Hong Kong Asian Film Financing Forum, and you can see why from this footage. Hopefully that means we’ll be able to lay eyes on this before too long. I want to see what kind of craziness the rest of the movie has to offer.

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