Friday, September 23, 2016

UPDATED: Marko Zaror's New Movie Sounds Totally Badass

UPDATE: According to director Daniel Zirilli's Facebook page, the film is called Affinity. That doesn't really tell us much, but it's nice to know.

ORIGINAL POST: Along with a small handful of others, Marko Zaror stands at the top of the current heap when it comes to gritty, bone-breaking, face-kicking action movies. And he’s got another suitably badass project in the works and lined up to shoot this November.

There’s no title yet, but Screen Anarchy reports the Chilean martial artist will team up with DTV action head Daniel Zirilli to film in Bangkok later this fall. The director rolls deep in this realm, helming the likes of Crossing Point, Time Rush, and even teaming up with Steven Seagal and Michael Jai White for The Asian Connection. And that’s just his 2016 output. The man is busy.

Peter Stormare is on also reportedly on board to play the main villain, and his scene-chewing antagonistic glory is always a bonus in such down-and-dirty DTV fare.

Here’s the synopsis:
Bruno Leone, a former Navy SEAL, has his new solitary life in Southeast Asia interrupted when a mysterious girl washes ashore. Athena, reluctant to share the details of her past, develops a relationship of hope with Bruno. Their world is sent crashing down when Athena is taken captive (on a remote Island in the Andaman sea) by Dr. Vitor Strozzi, Commander Krieger, and a team of elite commandos. Determined to get Athena back, Bruno wages a one man war to rescue her and uncover a shocking truth about Athena that will shake him to his core.
So, we’ve got an evil doctor, elite commandos, a heroic rescue, and what’s sure to be a healthy dose of revenge. And Marko Zaror kicking them all in the face. Where do I sign up?

Zaror feels like he’s had a ton of movies in development since Redeemer, but none of them have actually come out yet. He’s reteaming with Undisputed 3 co-star Scott Adkins for Savage Dog. That’s apparently in post-production, as is The Green Ghost, which sounds nuts (an orphaned gringo from the barrio, raised by a secret society of Mexican warriors, must become a superhero to stop an Aztec apocalypse).

With the addition of whatever this latest movie winds up being called, at some point soon, this hopefully means we’re going to get a full tsunami of Marko Zaror movies full on in the face. And I am super down with that.

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